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the  founder:

Stephanie Cordisco


While THE 2ND WIFE might seem like a home organization meets interior design and event management company, what we really stand for is EMPOWERMENT.  

I believe woman CAN have it all and shouldn't have to choose between being a mom and their careers, but we need HELP

I founded The 2nd WIFE as a way to help all woman and even men, truly have it all. The 2nd WIFE is how you achieve balance and the solution to help you get back your time; time back to spend it on the things that really matter in life. 

"hello Superwoman"

The 2nd WIFE is the creation from a major mistake I made in my professional career... thinking I was "Superwoman"!  I spent over 15 years in the corporate world believing I was an inspiration to younger rising woman in the workforce. I had advanced up the corporate ladder to an Executive Leader for multiple Fortune 500 companies in less than 10 years. I was proud I achieved a successful career while maintaining a healthy marriage and raising three beautiful boys. I recall entertaining friends at our house, and many of them asking "How do you do it? You travel internationally and yet your house looks amazing and your pantry is still beautifully organized".  I had it all, right? Wrong. It wasn't until I attended an Executive Leadership Program where a highly successful CEO gave me the best advice I NEVER TOOK...

"you gotta get a 2nd wife"

"You need to get yourself a second wife". I laughed. "Seriously you can't do it all yourself, well you could, but why would you?'How much is your time worth?" she said.  Here I was spending countless hours organizing my house, putting together incredible kids birthday parties, making teacher gifts, designing the kids bedrooms; all while working 90+ hour weeks. I remember resenting my husband because I would ask him to do things that he really wasn't wired to do. I mean, let's be honest our husband's are not going to find joy in organizing my spice drawer. I was spending my time organizing my house when I should have been spending time with my kids (the things that really matter).

Ahh...I truly needed a 2nd WIFE.

"Balance? What is that?"

While I wouldn't admit it, I was trying to be "Superwoman" and I'm here to tell you there is no such thing as "balance" as a working mother. My biggest mistake was not listening to my mentor and instead continuing to think I could do everything myself. If only I had found a "2nd WIFE". And that is the story of The 2nd WIFE. I believe woman CAN have it all and shouldn't have to choose between being a mom and their careers, but we need HELP



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