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Spice Label


We know there are plenty of online shops you can buy spice labels, racks and jars, but as a working professional, is that how you want to spend your free time? We make it simple for you, pick a theme and we do the work. We have curated custom themed spice label packages to match your home aesthetic. Our spice label packages all varying in their starting price. 


Click here to see what's included and what's not included in each of our spice label packages. 

Natural Simplicity - Round 

  • Emphasis on natural materials, bamboo lids with 3oz glass containers. Labels can be any color of your choice but we recommend a simple white label with a sans serif font. 



  • Our farmhouse theme consists of french square 4 oz spice glass jars with metal lid. Labels are embellished with detail and are available in either white or black. 


The Black Beauty

Our modern black beauty spice label theme consists of polished ceramic jars with sustainable bamboo lids. Our labels are designed in either matching black or white design. 


The Classic 

The Classic look uses french square 4 oz glass bottles with either white or black metal lids. The label design is timeless in its design. Label options include white or black labels. 


Natural Simplicity - Square

  • The Natural Simplicity Square theme is similar to the Classic, however it features a wood lid, available in bamboo, dark walnut, maple and cherry stain colors. The label is classic and timeless. 


Clean & Crisp

The Clean & Crisp theme utilizes matte white ceramic jars with sustainable bamboo lids. The labels are crisp white with minimalistic typography and look.

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