What's Included

Ready to Go Spice Label Packages include: 

- taking inventory of your current spices

-recommendation on a spice organizational solution after client home review (ie spice drawer rack or spice extended shelf risers)

-identifying, sourcing & buying spice jar lids & bottles 

- each package includes 20 bottles, 20 lids and 20 labels. 

-custom designing the labels, printing and adhering to jars

- transferring spices into the new spice jars & home organizing theme

- expiration stickers for all spices included & added to bottom of jars.

- we only source & use high quality products. Our labels are water and oil proof


Not Included​

- Any spice organization supplies (spice rack or extended shelf riser).

- Mixing and matching themes could result in additional costs or reduced costs

- any additional spice jar bottles/lids/labels will be an additional cost and billed directly to the client.