The 2nd WIFE is for the over-achievers, the do'ers, the can't sit still movers.  We offer a unique personalized service that helps you get your time back, so you can focus on the things that really matter in life. As your one point of contact,  we partner with you in every aspect of your busy life, from organizing your pantry, to family holiday cards, to event planning your child's 1st birthday.  You can let go of the "cape" ladies, it's time you let a 2nd Wife help you achieve it all.  As "forever" overachievers, we hold our services to the same high expectations as our careers. We don't settle for "average". Regardless if it is hosting a holiday party, or customizing teacher appreciation gifts, we bring to life our signature style that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is functional. In addition, we offer "Ready to Go" packages, for so many of the areas of our life that were consuming all of our time.

Get Back Your Time

Shop our curated "Ready to Go" packages for those time consuming projects . 

Just a little Wife Advice

For clients who need advice and help on organizing their home and life. This service includes face-to-face or video chats providing:

  • Consultation on what areas in your busy life can be outsourced to the 2nd Wife.

  • Life organization recommendations and advice. 

Schedule a 30 minute virtual consult for advice on how and what you can do to outsource areas of your life. 

$50 for initial consult. 

Full Service Wife

For clients who need a 2nd WIFE to partner with on specific areas of their life:

  • Home organization

  • Nanny Management

  • Kids organization & activities

  • House Design

  • Holiday Decorating

  • Party/Event Planning

  • Contractor Management

Visit  our PROCESS to learn more. Pricing is based on agreed upon projects and typically runs $100-$250 an hour based on project scope.



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