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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Finally got around to updating the horrendous out dated powder room. If I had a "2nd WIFE" then I probably hire her, but I have been too busy trying to help others get a 2nd WIFE (lol). So, the texture on the wall was a nightmare. Anytime you texture your walls, you are in for a major headache if you decide you no longer like the texture. Make sure if you ever want to add a texture to your wall that you will want that texture forever! I definitely was not feeling the texture nor the color of my powder. The house we bought was built during the period where everyone was wanting that "Tuscan feel". Fast forward to 2020 and I was definitely over that look. I decided I wanted a darker more intimate bathroom feel. I don't know about you, but there is something quite soothing about doing your business in a really serene powder bathroom and this powder wasn't that!

So rather than hire a professional to remove the texture (which in hindsight would have been the smarter decision), I decided to remove the texture myself. So I researched the heck out of how to remove textured walls and everything I read brought me back to having to skim coat the wall with joint compound. Sounds easy right? Absolutely far from easy. After purchasing the joint compound and troweling the wall, I then had to sand the walls... a messy MESSY endeavor.

The Design

I often get questions as to where I got this or that, so here is an overview of where I got my design elements:

  • Lighting fixture - Serena & Lily

  • Sink facucet- Mohen

  • Wallpaper - York Grasscloth

  • Mirror - West Elm

  • Tile - Polished Marble - Royal New Dutchy Hex in Grays, Italian Carrara & Bardiglio

I hesitated with adding the midnight glass cloth because my new vanity was dark blue, but I think it works well. Thoughts?

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