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Spice Up Your Spice Drawer

Finally got around to adding some love and style to my spice drawer. I absolutely hated opening up my drawer and searching for the oregano. The mismatch bottles sizes, labels and look was driving me crazy. We were about to remodel our kitchen and the entire look and feel was moving towards "white" with wood beams.

My new spice jars were inspired by my wood beams in the kitchen. I went with beautiful bamboo lids and clean polished modern labels to compliment my soon to be new kitchen. I love how they turned out. My husband thought I was crazy for organizing the spice drawer and turning this mess into a beautiful piece of art. I remember him laughing at me for taking on the project, but you should have seen his face after I opened up the drawer with our beautiful labels. His attitude took a 360! Seriously, it really does make a difference in how you enjoy your kitchen and how much simpler and faster it is to find the spice you are looking for. I know many friends asked me how you know if the spice is expired. There are great little stickers that you attach to the bottom of the jars so you know the expiration date. Brilliant!

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