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We have curated different and unique pantry designs that can compliment your current home aesthetic. Our pantry packages all include a theme of your choice. Or you can mix and match from our various theme packages. 

The Natural Pantry

Emphasis on natural materials, bamboo/wood canisters, glass containers, wicker type baskets. Labels can be hand-written fonts or simple clean fonts


The Farmhouse Pantry

Emphasis on natural materials plus rustic style metal storage bins. Font labels tend to be farmhouse in style, hand-written and use of chalk board style labels is also dominant in this design type.


The Minimalist Modern Pantry

This look emphasises a sleek and very clean minimalist materials. If metals used, they are industrial versus rustic. Labels are clean and very simple and use a strong dominance of black in label design.


Classy Sleek Pantry

Consists of predominantly a black design, with glass jars/plastic jars and black labels. Either bamboo or birch wood elements are incorporated into the look.  Metals and containers are sleek in design. 


The Transitional Pantry

Combination between natural materials (glass, wood canisters) and a more modern look. Clean simple labels and contemporary storage but with a natural feel.

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