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Have you spent countless hours doing projects like the ones below yourself? Or perhaps you have filled up your pinterest or instagram account saving inspiring photos, just so you can figure out time to squeeze it into a DIY weekend.  Either way, wouldn't it be nice for someone to help you manage the below projects. The 2nd WIFE is here to help. Don't forget to check out our "Ready to Go" packages. 


Pantry Organization

An organized and stylized pantry brings a level of sanity and harmony to your everyday life. The 2nd WIFE will turn your pantry into one of your favorite rooms. See our Ready To Go pantry package. 


End of School Gifts

How many times have you had to last minute scramble for a teacher appreciation gift, just to end up settling on a Starbuck's card? Not any more, click here for our "Ready to Go" Valentine's package.

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School Valentine's

Who has time to create custom Valentine's cards for the kiddos school? I'm sure you forget the teacher gift as well! Let us take this off your plate. Click here for our Ready to Go Package.


Home Design

Want to finish that powder room, but it's taking months just to find color samples you like. Let us help you bring it to life. 

Festive Dinner Table

Holiday Parties

There are only a few times out of the year you get to entertain with friends and family, do you want to spend that time stressed about it? Let us help. 


Weekly Dinners

Tired of cooking every night? Even remembering to order the online delivery food service can be a part-time job. Let us help. 


The Spice Drawer

Organizing your spice drawer? Yeah right, who has time for that? Infusing beautiful style and organization can bring you peace and harmony. We can help. Be sure to visit our Ready to Go spice jar package. 

Christmas Decorations

Holiday Decorating

And who couldn't forget the countless hours you have spent trying to detangle old Christmas lights, fluffing your wreaths, replacing broken ornaments. Stop. Let us help.


Command Center

Keeping up with the kid's school, extracurricular activities, play dates, and everything in between is a full-time job. Let us create your command center to help manage it all. 

Copy of THE 2nd WIFE

Holiday Cards

That time a year again and although we should enjoy writing holiday cards, it become yet another thing on the list when what you should be doing is sipping spiked egg nog! We can help this holiday season, click here for our "Ready to Go" Holiday package. 

Fancy Dinner Party

Get Togethers

Want more time to enjoy your company and less time dealing with the details. Let The 2nd WIFE be your right hand lady pulling it all together. 

Mother and Son

Nanny Management

You hired a nanny or aupair, but are you really getting your money worth? Create a system for your nanny that takes more off your plate. The 2nd WIFE will show you how. 

Cute Feet

The Playroom

Are the plastic toys collecting in a storage bin? Do you have legos embedded between your toes? Creating a stylized play area and system for the kids that lets them help organize the room is essential. We can help, click here to see our Ready To Go playroom package! 

Happy Kids

Kids Parties

How much time have you spent figuring out where to host the party, what kids to invite or creating invitations? What about goodie bags, the cake design? Do you really feel you have time to enjoy the moment? 


Custom Rooms

Addicted to Pinterest? Have you pinned a million ideas you would love to do around the house, but haven't gotten around to it? That's where we come in. 



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